Dewax 4 Liters in 5 Minutes with the DrainDroyd Filtration System

The DrainDroyd has a number of benefits including

Eliminate hours and hours of labor.

Reduce number of steps by incorporating decolorization, hydrophobic or hydrophilic sorbents to remove pigments and matrix leading to less labor and better quality extracts.

Elimination of potential batch contamination via containment.

DrainDroyd filtration equipment enables high throughput wax removal from winterized ethanol solutions.

Engineered from the ground up to serve our particular market, the DrainDroyd incorporates key features including:

  • Filtration rates of up to 5 Liters in 5 minutes.
  • All 316 stainless steel construction for superb cleanability.
  • Various filter media available for different levels of finish.
  • Optional incorporation of various sorbent media for decolorization.
  • Adjustable height casters for portability.
  • Incorporation of containment vessel for improved isolation from the environment.
  • GMP compliant integrated product containment for safety and contamination elimination.
  • Integrates into existing process easily.


Parameter Value
Dimensions 24 in x 24 in x 43in
Portability On adjustable height casters
Weight 75 lbs
Required Vacuum Ultimate Vacuum:29.998″HG, 5×10-2 torr
Vacuum Fittings KF-25 Connection.
Reservoir Volume 150 L
Operating Temperature (°C) up to 80oC
Collection Volume 4 gallons


Filter Particle Diameter (um) Grade
Cellulose Paper 3  Microns Technical
Cellulose Paper 5 Microns Technical
Cellulose Paper 10 Microns Technical
Cellulose Paper 20 Microns Technical


Sorbent Particle Diameter (um) Pore Diameter(A) Selectivity
CarbonX 30-60 Microns 100 Pigments
Alumina 30-60 Microns 100 Fatty Acids
Silica 30-60 Microns 100 Hydrophilic
C18 30-60 Microns 100 Hydrophobic


Attribute Specifications
Max Pressure MAWP 300 psi
Wetted Materials Buna-N, 304 SS
Surface Finish 16 micro in or better
Temperature Range -50oC to 100oC




Our team has been involved in extractions and separations science for more than 15 years in the pharma, food, and oil & gas industries.  In the last two years, we have been involved in engineering many large medical cannabis GMP production facilities in the US and in Canada.   Equipment, buildout and plant commissioning for facilities producing up to 100 kg/week in oil is within the scope of the projects we have completed or are currently engineering.   We have helped our customers avoid long delays and high development costs by implementing proven complete cannabis production solutions.

Our team is comprised of experts in separation science, process engineering, extractions, laboratory build out, and MMJ specific manufacturing, laboratory, quality, formulation, and packaging.




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