Typically, the use of small Buchner flasks for dewaxing a winterized solution becomes a bottleneck in production. This bottleneck costs you labor. Although we can't give an exact time for DrainDroyd filtration, for a typical winterized solution, you should expect to filter 4 L in less than a half hour. For lightly waxed winterized solutions, you should expect 4L in less than five minutes. The general rule is, the heavier the wax content, the longer the filtration time.
You can clean the DrainDroyd by removing the top from the base. The stainless steel is entirely food grade finish so that you will not risk cross contamination. We recommend the use of ethanol to clean the surfaces.
No. The system is fabricated entirely from food grade stainless steel. There is no need for any sidearm flasks or rubber hoses.
Maintenance items include cleaning the surface after each use and changing the sanitary gaskets as desired.
Mostly, it does not need any glassware, it is easy to clean, it enables high throughput filtering, and allows the use of sorbents.
The filtrate will be located in the containment vessel. All that you need to do is close the ball valve, disconnect the sanitary tri clamp, remove the vacuum clamp, and roll the DrainDroyd away.
You can transfer the filtrate into a rotary evaporator to remove the volatile solvent.
Although you can certainly add a vacuum trap to the vacuum path.
We recommend a minimum of
Some customers retain the wax for sale. After retaining the wax, discard the spent filter paper according to your company standard operating procedures.
Containment systems are often used in the pharmaceutical industry to minimize or eliminate environmental exposure to the active solution.
We offer three different pre cut filter media for purchase in packs of 100. We offer 5, 10, and 20 micron technical filter paper media. The ash content of this paper is nearly zero.
Sorption media offer selective removal of oil matrix while leaving the active component in the oil. Media include silica, alumina, C18, PSA, and CarbonX. You can use our media or ours.
The sorption media can be placed in the cone area or in the filtration vessel itself.
Non sealed stainless steel lids are available on amazon.com.
Yes, contact the factory for a lid quotation.